Board of Directors

 Frank D'Amato, President

Debbie Moeller, Vice President
 (703) 307-5189

John Bartha, Secretary

Dick Baughman, Treasurer

John McLaughlin, Director
Kuester Management

Vince Franco - Web Site Manager  
Alex Herndon - Buildings Manager  

Board Meetings
Fourth Thursday of each Month
Executive Session 2:45 pm
Open Meeting 3:00 p.m.
Residents’ Pool House
(subject to change)

All board meetings are open
to the community

Click for
Board Meeting Minutes

BOD Meeting Schedule for 2019

Activity Contacts

Book Exchange
 Veronica Bucello 843-237-7334

Bridge (Ladies)
 Mary Grace Robic 843-237-8745

 Karen VanderSchaaf 843-237-8150

 Pat Shriver 843-237-2678

Golf-18 holes (Men)
 John McLaughlin 843-235-8532

Golf-9 holes Gold Tees (Men)
 Vince Franco 843-237-9190

 Golf-18 holes (Women)
  Carolyn Pacella 843-237-7799

Golf-9 holes (Women)
 Mary Lou Goodell 973-580-7150

Mah Jongg - ?
Hand, Foot & Elbow
 Darlene  Dodson

Men's Cards (Wed)  
 Charlie Malara 843-235-9344

Men's Cards (Thurs)
 Phil  Ribaudo 843-235-9848

 Mexican Train  
   Loretta Espey 843-235-3518
Neighbor to Neighbor
Gloria Starrick, Chairperson, 843-235-3261
   and  Kathy Knittel, Co-Chairperson,

 Celise McLaughlin 843-235-8532

 Bill Renault 843-235-3566

 Joanne Kendall 843-237-1228

Sunday Golf

 Darlene Dodson

 Telephone Directory

  Keith Hoile (843) 314-9330
 Tennis (Men)-
  Phil Ribaudo 843-235-9848

 Tennis (Women)
   Monique Philips 843-237-0494
  Vince Franco 843-237-9190

  Walk & Talk
  Water Aerobics
   Pat Shriver   843-237-2678

Winey Wednesdays
  Monique Philips 843-237-0494

Newsletter Spring & Summer -2019

We will be in the pool every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 9 am to 10 am.
(weather permitting)

Our enthusiastic leaders,
Dee Ely and Monique Philips,
extend an invitation to join them.

Bring your noodle!

President POA Frank D'Amato

Clubhouse Paul Hayes
Covenants  Jeanette Renault
ARB Vince Civitarese
 Grounds  Alex Herndon
[Emergencies Only)

Litchfield Beautification Foundation
Click to go to LBF Home Page

 Open Bible Study for Ladies

Mondays 10:00 AM to Noon at the Pool House Contact Loretta Espey for information

Bridge News

By Danny Phillips

The players in the Marathon Bridge here at the Tradition are continuing to turn in very good scores. The players meet new and interesting people who enjoy cards. All levels are welcome. Last year's winners have to be on the lookout for some tough play by those trying to post the best scores this year. Best of all everyone has fun. All of this culminates in a presentation at the awards event in June. Anyone who would like to participate in this event next year give Danny Phillips a call at 235-9338 for more information.

Interested in Marathon Bridge?

Please contact
Danny Phillips at
or call 235-9338.  The Marathon Is a very interesting way to meet your neighbors and play bridge. We are trying to find more couples who would give the Marathon a try.  Call for more information. 

Danny Phillips

WELCOME to the Tradition Community Website. This site is produced by and for Tradition homeowners.  It is just one of the ways we communicate with our residents. We also publish a newsletter two times a year beautifully edited by Celise McLaughlin.  Email messages are sent to homeowners as required to quickly alert them of board announcements, upcoming events, and other items of interest.  

Tradition homeowners should ensure we have their email address so they are on the mailing list. Contact a board member or send a note to Vince Franco at

There are many links on this page.  The links above in the header will take you to the Newsletter and the Golf Leagues. Links below will allow you to access important community documents and community activities.

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The Covenants and the Bylaws require

Adobe Reader to open.

Download it from



Click here for an

ARB Application

Fines Schedule

The Board of Directors and the Management Company as well as our Attorney have approved the Fine Schedule, November 2012.

Fines for Violation of ARB Rules and Regulations 

Any and all work approved by the ARB shall require an Owner to obtain, as applicable, the appropriate governmental permit and provide proof of said permit to the ARB.  If an Owner undertakes work that has been approved by the ARB without obtaining a governmental permit then that Owner shall be subject to following:

 1. First Offense.  A fine of $25.00.

 2. Second Offense.  A fine of $100.00.

If an Owner commences any work or causes any work to commence that is deemed to be in violation of the Declaration, Bylaws or ARB rules or regulations then the Owner shall be subject to a $100.00 fine plus the cost required for any corrective action.

Fines for Violations of Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Prior to the imposition of any fine, the Board or its delegate shall serve the Owner with written notice describing the alleged violation, the penalty to be imposed and a request for corrective action. If the Owner does not take action to correct the violation then a second follow-up written notice with the same content, as the first notice shall be served upon the Owner. If the Owner does not respond to the previous notices then a third written notice letter shall be served by the Property Management Company (Kuester) to the Owner setting forth the alleged violation, the fine to be imposed and the requirement that the Owner take action to correct the violation.  If the Owner does not adhere to the terms set forth in the notification by Kuester then that Owner shall be subject to the following:

1. $50.00 fine upon non-compliance with Kuester notification.

2. $100.00 monthly fine (after the initial $50.00 fine) that shall accrue plus costs, including reasonable attorney fees, until the Owner becomes compliant.


An Owner shall have the right to appeal fines levied directly to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled board meeting.   It is expressly stated that the appeals process shall be limited to fines and shall not be available for the imposition of liens as a result of an Owner’s delinquency or nonpayment of assessments set forth in the Declaration. 


Second Tuesday
Covenants Meeting 7:00 p.m.

First Wednesday
Mexican Train 7:00 pm

Third Thursday
A.R.B. Meeting 7:00 p.m.


Covenants Meeting 7:00 p.m.

First Wednesday
Mexican Train 7:00 pm

Third Wednesday
A.R.B. Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Fourth Thursday
B.O.D. Meeting 3:00 p.m.

All board meetings are open to the community

Board Meetings

All board meetings are
open to the community

Monthly Meetings start
at 3:00 PM at the pool house

BOD Meeting Schedule
for 2013

January – Thursday 24th
February – Thursday 12th
(homeowners prep meeting)

February – Tuesday 19th
Annual Meeting 6:00 pm

March – Thursday 28th
April – Thursday 25th
May – Thursday 23rd
June – Thursday 27th
July – Thursday 25th
August – Thursday 22nd
September – Thursday 26th
October – Thursday 24th
November – Thursday 21st
December – Tuesday 19th

All BOD meetings scheduled for 3:00 pm. at the Pool House

If you have an irrigation system that uses a pump to deliver water, MAKE SURE you drain the water completely from the pump to prevent freezing and cracking of the casing. This is done by removing the plug on the Bottom and the TOP of the pump.  Be careful when removing these plugs.  Ensure the electricity is off to the pump and the pressure has been released. 

If you have questions, need assistance or have any problems with doing this, give Howard Krauth (237-7544) a call.  He will be glad to help you.



  © Copyright 2018 VA Franco

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Tradition Financial Statement Overview

April 30, 2019

To: Tradition Board of Directors
From: Dick Baughman, Treasurer

Meeting Date: May 23, 2019

Balance Sheet - Operating:
Checking account cash position is $60,561.27. This comprises $15,906.39 in the BNC operating account; $35,222.45 in a BNC Money Market Account; $4,407.43 in the Petty Cash account; and $5,025.00 in the BNC Impact and Landscape escrow account.

Balance Sheet - Reserves:
The Reserve Trust Account ended the month with a balance of $203.764.21; a note receivable Reserve of $12,543.96; and 7 CD’s with a combined balance of $596,380.73. The Reserve Balance is $812,688.90.

Statement of Operations Variance:
Total operating revenues YTD actual were $148,364.04 vs. budget of $151,560.00 with a YTD variance of $3,195.96 less income than was budgeted.

Total operating expenses:
YTD actual were $146,719.44 vs. budgeted expenses of $151,560.00 with a YTD variance of $4,840.56 less than was budgeted.

If you require more information, please attend a Board of Directors’ meeting. BOD meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm. The meeting schedule for 2019 is posted on our community web site;

Any changes to a BOD meeting are announced via e-blast to our community.