January, 2012

             ARTICLE I:  NAME

                The name of the association is Tradition Ladies Nine-Hole Golf Association, otherwise known as the Ladies Nine-Holers,

                 a non profit organization.



The Ladies Nine-Holers is organized for weekly play of golf.  The object of the organization is to improve

                an individual’s game of golf while observing the rules and etiquette of golf and promoting good sportsmanship.



A.     There are three categories of  membership in TLNHGA: Full membership, Guest member and    Social  membership:

1.     Membership shall be limited to Tradition Homeowners and non-residents who are at least 21 years of age.

Only residents of Traditions may serve on the Executive Board due to Liability issues.

2.     Full members and Guest members are entitled to:

a. Vote.

                            b. Receive awards at the awards luncheon. 

3. Guest members may be former members of the TLNHGA, residents of Tradition or non-residents who are not members of

Tradition Golf Club.  Guest members are entitled to play with TLNHGA if there are adequate tee-times available and will 

pay the standard guest fee established by The Tradition Golf Club.

        4. Social members are entitled to attend all social events sponsored by TLNHGA.

        5. All prospective members that are not members of the Tradition Golf Club must be sponsored by  two members or

         guest members of the TLNHGA and will be admitted to membership in according to the availability of tee times allotted

         by the club for TLNHGA.


B.  All categories of membership annual dues are payable by January 1.

C.    Members and  guest members of the TLNHGA are required to pay the charge for an annual Tradition computer handicap, by January 31.

D.    Membership is for one year beginning January 1st until December 31st.

E.     The Executive Board may increase the dues, provided the increase does not exceed $5.00 annually or as voted by the membership.

                     F.   Members will observe the By-Laws of the TLNHGA and the USGA rules and etiquette of golf. 

G.  Regarding limited attendance events, priority will be given to TLNHGA members of the Tradition Golf Club.  1.

H.  Members are entitled to bring a guest to play.  The guest will be required to pay the standard guest fee established by

     The Tradition Golf Club.  The same guest may play four(*4) times without joining the TLNHGA.  




A.    The Tradition Ladies Nine-Holers’ Executive Board shall be comprised of a Board Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Treasurer,

Secretary, and be residents of the Traditions. The social Chairperson will become an ex-officio member of the Executive Board. 

Those elected to the Executive Board shall be Nine-Hole members exclusively.  If a Board Member should move into the 18 hole group,

another person who is an exclusive TLNHGA member shall be appointed by the Board.

B.    The Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3), with one being a Board member,

for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers for election and installation at the annual Holiday Luncheon Award meeting. 

The slate of officers will be submitted no later than the last week of October of the current year.  The Nominating Committee

will post a “Self-Nomination Election List” on the Ladies Nine- Hole Bulletin Board in the Members Room the first week of October.

1.     If the slate is uncontested, the Secretary will cast one vote on behalf of the membership.

2.     If the slate is contested for any given office, a ballot will be available to each member, at the clubhouse, on the

      first Tuesday in November, and returned to the Nominating Committee by the second Tuesday in November. 

      It will be the responsibility

      of each member to obtain her ballot.  The outcome will be determined by a majority vote of the ballots returned.

3.     Elected individuals will be notified a week after balloting is completed. Elected officers will be installed at the

      Holiday Awards Luncheon.

C.    The term of each Board Member shall be one (1) calendar year.

D.    The Executive Board may appoint a temporary substitute to fill any vacancy in an elected office.  A membership vote on a

nomination to fill the position for the unexpired term of office must be held within 30 days.




A.    The Board Chairperson and Co-Chairperson shall:

1.     Oversee weekly events and be the point of contact to the Tradition Club Pro-Staff.

2.     Provide assistance to the membership as needed, and hold a minimum of three (3) meetings per year, including the

Holiday Luncheon Awards meeting.

3.     Distribute a membership packet to new members.

4.     Request volunteers to chair: tournaments, invitationals, games, social duties and other activities.

B.    The Treasurer shall:

1.     Handle all finances of the Association and keep a record of such expenditures of these funds.

2.     Write checks for charitable donation of $50 or less at the discretion of the Executive Board; charitable donations

exceeding $50 must be approved by the majority of the membership.

C.    The Secretary shall:

1.     Retain all weekly scorecards and update and maintain stats on spreadsheets, for the purpose of

                   determining players’ achievements throughout the year.

2.     After weekly play, send pars, chip-in, birdies, eagles, hole-in-ones to website.

3.     Record minutes of meetings and send out to membership in a timely manner.

4.     Maintain current membership roster and make available to members upon request.

5.     Author Tradition Newsletter article.

6.     Send appropriate news to Georgetown Times and Coastal Observer.

7.     Each January, send an updated list of members to website.


D.    The Social Chairperson shall :

1.     Be responsible for all social activities approved by the membership, including the date and location of the annual

Holiday Awards Luncheon.

2.     Select and purchase achievement awards.




A.    Play is to be held on Tuesdays (or alternate days when necessary), with show time 30 minutes prior to the first tee time.

B.    To be eligible to play, players must sign up by noon on Sunday preceding the day of play.

C.    The Club books tee times each week for the year.

D.    Monthly Pairing Volunteers (2) shall:

1.     Remove Sign-up sheet Sunday afternoon and advise the desk of any adjustments in tee times.

2.     On Play day have membership sign up for the following week.  Indicate tee time on signup sheet.

3.     Oversee arranging a game day once a month.

4.     Collect $1.00 for Bagmen tip money.

5.     Furnish desk and starter with list of players prior to tee off.

6.     During those times when weekly play will be a pre-selected game, prizes for the winner(s) will be a gift certificate(s)

redeemable at the Tradition Club Pro Shop.  Game participants shall contribute a minimum of $2.00 toward the prize(s).

E.     The number of signed up players on the weekly roster will be the total number of spots held in reserve for the Association. 

This list will serve as a “guarantee” of the number of players.  Substitutions may be made right up to the time of play; however,
the Association will be liable for the total number of players that were contained on the list.  The Club will monitor this closely.

F.     At the beginning of each year, or when a new member joins the league, she will declare the tees she will be playing from, red or blue.
After the tee is declared, the member may change tees ONCE in a given year.  She shall have up to three (3) months to decide
if she has made the correct decision.  (in other words, if a member has been playing the blue tees and decides to go to the red tees,
and realizes within three months that this was not a good choice, she may change back to the blue tees)  She will then have to
play from the blue tees for the rest of the year.  These changes must be reported to the Secretary of the league promptly.


A.    To be eligible for awards at the end of the year, a member must have played twelve (12) times during the calendar year. 
If a scheduled play is canceled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control, members who signed up for
that day are entitled to count it as one of the 12 required days.

B.    Awards will be given to “Most Improved”, “Low Putts,” “Low Gross”, “Birdies”, “Pars” and “Holes-in-One:, excluding
18 Holers.  Only one award will be given a player per category annually. 


A.    The By-Laws of the Tradition Ladies Nine-Hole Golf Association are established for the purpose of maintaining an
efficient and equitable administration for the membership.  It also serves as the basis for understanding the general
duties of each Officer and Chairperson and for establishing ease and continuity when newly elected members assume various offices.

B.    Proposed changes may be presented, in writing, by any member to the Executive Board.

C.    The By-Laws may be changed by the Executive Board providing the proposed changes are published for membership
examination four weeks in advance of the vote.  Final approval requires a majority vote by the membership present,
provided a quorum is in attendance (a quorum is herby defined as two-thirds of the membership).

                Revised by the membership in the year 2002

                Revised by the membership in the year 2004

                Revised by the membership in the year 2005

                Proposed revision presented to the Executive Board March 2006

                Revised by the membership in the year 2006

                Proposed revision presented to the Executive Board 2008

                Revised by the membership February, 2009

                Revised by the membership January 5, 2011

                Revised by the membership January 24, 2012