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 Article I - NAME

The name of the group is the Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association. The Gold Tees is a Committee of the Tradition at Willbrook Plantation Property Owners Association, Inc.


The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association (Gold Tees) is formed and exists to:



Membership in Gold Tees is available to any male who is at least 50 years of age. While there is a cap on non-resident members (as determined by the Executive Committee), there is no cap on Tradition community property owners.

Membership in the Gold Tees shall be referred by a member and presented to the Executive Committee for approval. Acceptance of membership binds each member to observe the bylaws and rules of Gold Tees as well as the rules and etiquette of golf as published by the USGA.

Membership is for one year, concurrent with the Gold Tees fiscal year, running from January 1 through December 31. Annual dues are payable at the beginning of each year and are used to defer the costs of conducting the program.

Members must play a minimum of twelve weekly Gold Tee games during the twelve previous months to be eligible to win a Gold Tee Tournament.

Social Members

This membership is for those men who are physically unable to golf but still desire to participate in Gold Tee social activities. They have the same rights and privileges as members.


Members are encouraged to bring their visiting family members or guests to join play (as space allows).  The same guest is welcome to play a maximum of four (4) times per year and are not eligible for Hole-In-One awards.


Members may submit their names to the posted list of officers no later than ten days before the annual meeting. Tradition community residency is a requirement to be an officer.

The election of officers shall be by ballot or acclamation at the annual December meeting of the Gold Tees.  The results will be posted on the Gold Tee web site

The elected officers will serve for a period of one year beginning January 1.


The President shall:

The Vice President(s) Weekly Games shall:

The Vice President(s) Tournaments shall:

   The Secretary shall:

   The Treasurer shall:

The Public Relations Director shall:

The Directors shall:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of all officers and Directors.

The Executive Committee will deal with membership issues, scheduling conflicts, additional tee times, and other matters requiring negotiations with the Tradition Golf Club management. If necessary, the Executive Committee will develop policies and rules to resolve these issues.


The Gold Tees annual meeting shall be held on a date designated by the President between December 1 and December 15 each year. Notification to the membership of the actual meeting date shall be made at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

The President shall call a special meeting for any purpose deemed appropriate or when petitioned in writing by five or more members requesting such a meeting. A quorum at any meeting shall consist of 50 percent of the total Gold Tees membership. Proxy votes via email or in writing shall be allowed.


These bylaws were established to provide an efficient administration of Gold Tees.  They serve as the basis for understanding the duties of each officer and for establishing a smooth transition during changes of leadership.

The bylaws may be appended, repealed or supplemented by the Executive Committee after approval of a majority vote of the membership at a meeting held in accordance with the provisions contained herein.

This modification was written by a sub-committee that included Dale Guzlas, John McLaughlin, John Melzer, Dave Philips, and Bob Thompson. It was subsequently approved by the Executive Committee and final approval was given by the Gold Tee membership on February 25, 2015.

Effective January 1, 2019, The Tradition Golf Course (TGC) implemented the following operating rules:

* The Gold Tees cannot accept new playing members unless they are members of the TGC.

* Current Gold Tee members who are not TGC members will be grandfathered for 2019 (to be assessed annually). 
* Exceptions will be made for the occasional guest (number of plays not specified).

Approved by the Gold Tee membership on February 25, 2015.