Approved by the membership

September 22, 2003

Amended May 31, 2005 non-resident associate members.

Amended April 15, 2006 to include social members.

Amended August 12, 2008 to include nonresident members.

Amended December 12, 2008 to modify membership criteria.

Amended November 11, 2013 to modify membership criteria.


The name of the association is the Tradition Men's Golf Club (TMGC).

The Tradition Men's Golf Club is a Committee of  the Tradition Property Owners Association (POA). 


The Association is formed and exists to:

 a)  Stimulate friendship and sportsmanship among its members while promoting an incentive toward improved golf;

 b)  Promote fellowship and friendly golf competition among members of TMGC;

 c)  Promote friendly golf competition with members of other golf clubs in the area of  the Grand Strand;

 d)  Encourage conformance to the United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules of Golf and to promote and conserve  the best interests and "TRUE" spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient  and honorable traditions; and

 e)  Promote and maintain a uniform system of handicapping.


a)   Membership in TMGC is available to any male at least 21 years of age who is a member in good standing of the Tradition Golf Club and a residential home or property owner in Tradition at Willbrook Plantation;

b)  Membership in TMGC is also available to any non Tradition community resident male who is at least 21 years of age and is a member in good standing of the Tradition Golf Club.  The number of non-resident members shall be capped at twenty (20);

c)   Membership in TMGC is now available to both Tradition community resident and nonresident males who are at least 21 years of age who do not belong to the Tradition Golf Club. These members must play at least 15 weekly games in a calendar year to maintain their TMGC membership. The BOD has the authority to override the minimum number of rounds requirement if extenuating circumstances warrant it. Its decision will be final;

d)   A member must play at least 12 weekly games in a calendar year to maintain his membership in the TMGC. The Board of Directors (the Board) will deal with any exception to this rule such as a lengthy illness. Its decision will be final;

e)  Participation in the TMGC tournaments are limited to members having played the minimum requirement of 15 weekly games within the previous 12 months;  

f)  Application for membership in the TMGC shall be proposed by two active members and presented to any Board member for approval by the Board. No resident will be denied access to the TMGC;

g)  Acceptance of membership binds each member to observe the bylaws and rules of TMGC as well as the rules and etiquette of golf as published by the USGA;

h)  Prior to active membership status the applicant must understand that the Men's Club maximum handicap for all events is capped at 36, regardless of player's actual handicap. This is as recommended by the USGA;

i) Membership is for one year, concurrent with the TMGC fiscal year, running from January 1 through December 31;  

j) Dues, as determined by the Board, must be paid upon joining the TMGC.  Members desiring to maintain membership in the TMGC are required to pay annual dues by January 31 each year;  and

k) A member in good standing who leaves the Tradition community but desires to retain his TMGC membership may do so.  This status shall continue only as long as the member pays all dues and other related fees to both the TMGC and the Tradition Golf Club;

l) Social Membership

Social Membership is limited to those who have been members of the TMGC;

Social members need not be members of the Tradition Golf Club;

Social members may attend TMGC social events.  However, if the event has space limitations, current active members will have attendance priority; and social members must pay dues as determined by the Board.


 a)  The Board shall be composed of all members serving in elected positions.  This  includes: President, Vice President of Games 1, Vice President of Games 2, Vice President of  Tournaments, Secretary, Treasurer, and members appointed to special positions by the President;

b)  The most recent Past President shall also be a member of the Board for one year;

c)  To conduct any business of the TMGC, the Board shall assemble a quorum of its  members.  A quorum is a majority of the members of the Board; 

d)   The Board shall meet by direction of the President or at the request of at least  three members of the Board;  

e) The Board will deal with membership issues, scheduling conflicts, additional tee  times and other matters requiring negotiations with TGC management, in  addition to disputed issues requiring a Board ruling or presentation to the active  membership; and

Only members who are Tradition community residents may be TMGC officers


 a)  The elected officers of the TMGC shall be: the President, Vice President of Games 1, Vice President of Games 2, Vice President of Tournaments, Secretary, and Treasurer. They will serve for a period of one year beginning January 1; 

b)  The election of officers shall be by ballot at the annual meeting of the TMGC.   The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least four weeks prior to this meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairman and three active members not currently serving on the Board; 

c)  After appointment, the Nominating Committee shall submit to the Board a list of candidates for the officer positions required to be filled. This list shall be posted on the TMGC bulletin board at least three weeks prior to the annual meeting; 

d)  Other members may submit their names to the posted list of candidates no later than ten days before the annual meeting; and

e)  Upon tabulation of the ballots, the Board shall post the results on the TMGC bulletin board and notify all candidates of the results


 a) The President shall:

Be Chairman of the Board;

Schedule and preside at all meetings of the TMGC membership and the Board;

Coordinate the duties of all other officers;

Determine the requirements for chairman positions and make necessary appointments;

Arrange appropriate transition to the incoming President and other elected officers;

Break ties resulting from votes of the Board;

Be primary liaison between the TMGC and the TTGC management; and

Appoint the Rules Chairman, Handicap Chairman, Social Chairman, Special Events Chairman, and Open Tournaments Chairman.  Filling or combining these positions as necessary.

b) The Vice President of Games 1 and The Vice President of Games 2 shall:

Share the duties of these positions in an efficient manner;

Decide which Vice President Games will assume the President's duties when appropriate;

Assume any special duties that the President shall assign; and

Handle the weekly games; determine game, assign pairings and schedule member tee-times.

c) The Vice President of Tournaments shall:

Assume all tournament duties;  

Assume special duties as assigned by the President;

Coordinate all major tournaments with both Vice Presidents of Games; and

Handle all duties associated with the Member-Guest Tournament and act as the primary liaison with the Tradition Golf Club.

d) The Secretary shall:

Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings as well as maintain any important TMGC historical documents;

Handle all written communications for the TMGC;

Determine if a quorum is present for every TMGC meeting where a vote is taken;

Maintain a current list of all members, active and associate, including addresses and telephone numbers; and

Maintain a list of associate members in their order of application.

e) The Treasurer shall:

Work with the board to develop an annual budget;

Be responsible for receiving, maintaining, and disbursing all monies of the TMGC; and

Maintain a monthly accounting of TMGC finances and render a financial report at   the President's request.

f) The Past President shall:

Provide assistance to the Board.

g) The Rules Chairman shall:

Document and make available to each member the playing rules of TTGC.  These include local rules necessitated by course conditions; and

Be responsible, along with club management, for defining and settling any   disagreement that might arise over local or USGA playing rules.

h) The Social Committee Chairman shall:

Be responsible for all social events, including the annual Christmas party.  

i) The Handicap Chairman shall:

 Ensure that all members have a valid USGA handicap issued no longer than 60 days prior to a TMGC sponsored event. Members using a handicap   established at a club other than the Tradition Golf Club shall show their  updated handicap card to the Handicap Chairman for posting to the roster.

J) The Open Tournaments/Travel Coordinator shall:

Be the primary liaison with other "Grand Strand" golf courses in order to establish favorable group rates for the members of TMGC and their guests

k) The Special Events Chairman shall:

Act as the TMGC primary liaison with other golf clubs to coordinate Interclub matches; and

Perform any special duties assign by the President


 a)  The TMGC annual meeting shall be held on a date designated by the President between October 15 and November 15 each year. Notification to the membership of the actual meeting date shall be made at least 15 days  prior to the meeting;

b)  The President shall call a special meeting for any purpose deemed appropriate or when petitioned in writing by ten or more members requesting such a meeting; and

c)  A quorum at any meeting shall consist of 50 percent of the total active membership in TMGC. Proxy votes shall be allowed upon presentation of a ballot marked, signed and dated from a member.


 a)  These bylaws were established to provide an efficient administration of TMGC.  They serve as the basis for understanding the duties of each officer and for establishing as smooth transition during changes of leadership.  The original  bylaws were adopted by the membership at a meeting called for that purpose on  the  November 29, 1995; and

b)  The bylaws may be appended, repealed or supplemented by the Board after approval of a majority vote of the membership at a meeting held in accordance with the provisions contained herein.