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  President - John McLaughlin
  VP Games - Ron Mokrynka
  VP Games - Paul Hayes
  Tournaments - Tom Strasser
  Secretary - Bill Renault
  Treasurer - David Philips

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Tradition Golf Club

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February 22, 2014



The Men's 18 Hole League (TMGC) has been working with the management of the Tradition Golf Club (Clay and Kevin) to see what could be done to increase the number of players who participate in the league on a weekly basis. This is being pursued to ensure that we can continue to reserve tee times to accommodate all players a year in advance. Another benefit of more participants is increased competition.


Over the last few months a number issues needed to be worked out with Clay and Kevin as well as operational issues within the Men’s Club. I am happy to announce those decisions. Clay and Kevin have graciously allowed TMGC to have up to 12 non Tradition Golf Club members participate in the Men’s League each week. There will no longer be a restriction to the number of times a “guest” can play with the TMGC. They have also agreed to charge a green/cart fee of $40 for play with the TMGC. Non Tradition Golf Club members who join the TMGC will be identified as Associate Members.

The TMGC Board of Directors have finalized the methodology we will use to determine who will play in the event we have more TMGC members sign up to play than we have tee times available. For 2014 we have reserved 48 slots the entire year. The hierarchy to determine participation for TMGC members is:

      1. Tradition Golf Club member

      2. Associate members

      3. Guests

I will provide a couple of examples of how this will work.

      1. 36 full members sign up and 12 associate members - all who signed up can play.

      2. 36 full members sign up and 19 associate members – 7 associate members cannot play this        week. The first 12 associate members alphabetically will play. The last 7 will not. The next t        time we exceed the allotted number of associate members we will start the selection process        at the name of the first person to be deselected.

      3. If a full member asks to play after the pairings have been posted and no slots are available,        even if one or more slots are Associate members, they will become the first alternate. If        someone cancels, they will be the first person in.


The TMGC Board of Directors has decided that the Associate Member membership fee should be slightly higher than a full member’s fee. We are going to charge an Associate $50 for 2014. This includes the regular membership fee of $20, a $5 hole in one insurance fee and a $5 memorial fund fee. (The last $10 in fees are charged to all new members.)

The league also expects all members to use GHIN handicap system thru the Tradition Golf Club. This is necessary to follow the normal score posting process TMGC has established (we need the 4 digit code). For the purposes of posting all your rounds played away from Tradition, the system can be accessed either online or at the Tradition Golf Club


John McLaughlin

President TMGC

#Letter New Associate Member Letter Click on image below to view.

Important information.  Could save a life.



Drop Zones Rules :


The TMGC will be using the drop zones on holes #7,#9,#14 and #15 during our regularly scheduled play on Mondays.

Drop zones will not be used for tournament play. You will be reminded of this in a rule sheet  provided for the tournament.


The rule regarding the temporary drop zone behind the green on hole #3 has been removed since the area is now clear of debris and is playable.

 Mulch Rule:


Until further notice, a player may take relief, without penalty, for a ball that comes to rest in certain  mulch areas  around the course.

The reason for this change is because some of the new mulch beds contains too many large chips of wood  which make it almost impossible to make solid contact with the ball. We felt this was unfair.

If your ball comes to rest in one of these areas you should find your nearest point of relief (outside of the bed), no closer to the hole, and drop the ball within one club length of that spot.

Of course , you can always play the ball as it lies if you so choose.

Once again, this will be a "free drop".


There will be no free drop from the beds which do not contain large wood chips (dark brown mulch).


2018 Calendar

Drop Zones Rules 

Steve Kronski 1945 - 2012

Craig Monaghan has the responsibility for posting all scores from Monday TMGC play.

Men’s Red Tees - course rating of 65.6 and the slope of 113.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Member Guest Hole Sponsors


We will be holding our annual meeting on November 12. As you know, one of the purposes of the meeting is to elect officers to lead us in 2019. This is an opportunity for you to make a contribution to keep our league, one of the best on the Grand Strand. It also provides you with an opportunity to influence the decisions made in how our league is run. To facilitate the election process a signup sheet has been posted in the Member’s Room. While most of the current slate of league officers has signed up to continue their service to the league, I’m sad to announce that Tom Strasser, our Tournament Chairman for the last 4 years, is stepping down. I urge everyone to thank Tom for the outstanding job he has done. Glen Campbell has signed up to fill that role for 2019.

This is your opportunity to impact the direction of our club,  please consider being a candidate for ANY position.

Vinnie Esposito has volunteered to head up the nominating committee.

hanks for your consideration.

John McLaughlin

Annual meeting on Monday, November 12 at 10:00 AM