Bill Renault - Secretary


Minutes of General Meeting

 The Tradition Men’s Golf Club

Monday, November 8, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.


Prior to the meeting a plaque was presented to Maureen O'Connell. spouse of our fellow member and friend Tommy O'Connell, who passed away on May 10, 2010 after playing golf with His Son. His son and 2 Grandsons were also in attendance.  The Plaque was given by other retired loyal firefighters commemorating Tom's years of service in Engine #206 "Gashouse Gang."

The meeting was then brought to order by President Steve Kronski at 10:10AM.  There were 37 members in attendance.  It was noted that a quorum was not needed, the meeting proceeded.

The first order of business was electing a new slate of officers for the upcoming 2011 season.

No new nominations were received from the floor and none from Harry Stewart the nominating Chairman the new slate of officers ran unopposed.  The officers for the 2011 season are as follows:
President   Steve Kronski
VP of games 1 is Ron Mokrynka
VP of games 2 is Howard Krauth
Treasurer is David Philips
Secretary is Martin Robic
Tournament Director is John McLaughlin
Handicap Chairman is Craig Monaghan
Scorekeeper is Pete Mohan

With this out of the way Mr. Kronski addressed the decline in our membership
2008 we had 110 members
2009 we had 99 paid members
2010 we had 92 paid members
2011 we project we will have 88 members

Even though the Club and the Golf Course opened membership to people living outside the community our membership has not improved greatly.  If we had not accepted the 13 new members from outside the community we would have ended the 2010 season with 79 members. New people that are moving into our community are mostly non retired people who are still working.  There was a discussion concerning the declining membership and it was agreed that all avenues were being explored to increase the membership.

Steve Kronski gave Dave Philip's Treasurer report that did show that the TMGC finances are in good order.  The hole in one is properly funded.  Therefore no increase in dues or hole in one fund are needed at this time.  Mr. Philips gave notice that this would be His last year as treasurer in order to give time to find a new treasurer.

Howard Krauth VP of games #2 advised that the sign up sheet  for the next week comes down on Thursdays.  He requested that those that sign up please write legibly and please spell their owns name properly. Please do not wait until Monday Morning  (or not show up at all) to opt out of playing.  If it is raining call the club and they will advise you if our game has been cancelled.  Ron and Howard are trying to come up with new games.  If the membership has any ideas please let either of them know.

Craig Monagham the Handicap Chairman had only one request and that was to make certain that all weekly scores be entered in the computer, and He does check the score sheets to make sure they are correctly entered.  When playing at other courses please enter your scores.

John McLaughlin the Tournament Chairman discussed the number of tournaments that are being played and the number of people playing.  He advised that the Ringer tournament was dropped for lack of participation.  This will save money to be spread out to other tournaments.  All tournaments are under scrutiny because of lack of participation.  The Black Tee Tournament will probably be discontinued due to lack of participation.  The member-member tournament had weather problems and while some players chose not to finish it was completed.  The Club Championship was played at scratch which caused some grumbling.  Alternative ways are being looked into.  The Member Guest Tournament was a big success.  But some members did not like the way it was played that is by playing three 6 hole games and finally an 18 hole game.  It was explained that the course would not close the course on Thursday afternoons so that the 2009 rules could apply.  alternative ways of playing will be looked into.

Martin Robic the Secretary advised that the weekly results are E-Mailed to the 3 newsspapers usually on Monday night or very early Tuesday morning.  The newspapers usually print the scores.

Allan MacDonald our Rules Chairman.  After a great deal of discussion will look into the Lugustrum problems on holes 8 and 10.  He will meet with the board and give us His ruling. 

Ed Sheldon our Events Coordinator spoke on the TMGC Christmas Party.  It will be held December 7th at Inlet affairs.  A sign up sheet is in the members room. If you wish to sit with others, tables of 8 can be reserved.  When depositing your check make certain that you include the names of the other golfers and spouses with your check. 

Steve Kronski and the membership the purchase of a defibrillator.  The owners of the Golf Course had no interest in their purchasing one.  They were not asked to purchase one.  We would purchase one and place it somewhere in the area so that it could be used if necessary.  This was  and will be discussed further later.

Joh Reed made a motion that the age requirements be eliminated to move to the Gold Tees.  The theory is that the handicap system will take care of the change in handicaps and will pose no problems to anyone no matter what their handicap is.  The player must play one month and then decide to stay in the Gold or move back to the White tees for a year.  The motion was seconded and approved by a show of hands.  Eighteen voted for the motion while 9 voted against it with 10 abstaining.

Since there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:25 AM 


Martin Robic, Secretary



Minutes of General Meeting

 The Tradition Men’s Golf Club

Monday, November 16, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.


A.     Purpose:   To elect 2010 officers and to share information


1.   President Steve Kronski welcomed members and presented an overview of the purpose of meeting.


2.   Past President Vince Franco and Jim Conway presented the 2010 slate of officers and asked for a member vote on said slate.

a.   Secretary John Bartha suggested the absence of a quorum and asked for a waiver on the quorum rule which was granted.

b.   Note:  At 10:12 a.m. several more members arrived at meeting and a quorum was attained.

c.   Slate was elected with no dissenting vote.


3.   Steve Kronski delivered The President’s Messenger which consisted of:

a.   Year in review – membership is down for the year

                                                                 i.    Membership in 2008 - 110

                                                                ii.    Membership on September 1st 2009 - 99

                                                              iii.    Membership as of this date – 97

                                                              iv.    Membership trend indication for 2010 - 87


b.   Year in review – members’ rounds played

                                                                 i.    Members with 30 plus rounds – 25

                                                                ii.    Members with 20-29 rounds – 39

                                                              iii.    Members with 12-19 rounds – 11

                                                              iv.    Members with 5-11 rounds – 10

                                                               v.    Members with less than 5 rounds – 10


c.   Recognition of helpers/volunteers

                                                                 i.    2010 Challenges

1.   Increase in membership – incentives and networking

2.   Increase in rounds played


4.   Secretary Report – John Bartha


a.   Brief Synopsis of Secretary duties.

                                                                 i.    Recording of minutes of meeting

                                                                ii.    Maintenance of minutes and other historical documents

                                                              iii.    Handle written communications of  TMGC

                                                              iv.    Make certain that there is a quorum for all votes taken or a waiver for same is approved.

                                                               v.    Maintain and publish a list of current members and contact information.


5.   Treasurer’s Report – Dave Phillips

a.   Basic description of treasurer duties

b.   Treasurer’s Report – 1/1/09 – 10/30/09



Normal Activities

Hole In One

Member Guest



Total Income






Total Expense






Net Income








Details at


6.   Tournament information presented by John McLaughlin

a.   John detailed information on tournaments played in 2009 to date

                                                                 i.    Memorial Masters – winner Jim Lewis     Note:  For 2010, a better point system will be used to better level the playing field

                                                                ii.    Two man member/member – Winners:  John Melzer and Dave Phillips

                                                              iii.    Individual black tee – Winners:  Low Gross – Eric Muller;            Low Net – Dave Phillips  

                                                              iv.    Member/Spouse Winners:  Flight A – John Reed; Flight B – Harry and Joanne Stewart; Flight C – Dick and Lucy Hajec

                                                               v.    President’s Cup – Winner:  Larry Barksdale       

                                                              vi.    Member Guest – Winners:  Bud Phillips and son

                                                            vii.     Individual Club Championship


Championship Flight:  Eric Muller

White A Flight:  Tom Strasser

White B flight:  Peter Mohan

Gold A Flight:  Ed Rice

Gold B Flight:  Al Carline

b.   Future Tournaments

                                                                 i.    Two-man shootout tournament – 11/29

                                                                ii.    Flighted Individual Ringer Tournament – 12/7 & 12/14


c.   Total Tournament Prize Purse - $2,455


7.   Weekly Play – Howard Krauth/Ron Mokrynka

a.   Both Howard and Ron stressed the importance of a member’s commitment to honor their weekly tee times and not cancel at last minute.  It is irresponsible and unfair to the other members of the team.


8.   Rules – Alan MacDonald

a.   Alan Disc used the need to make certain we modify the USGA rules by implementation of a local rule process.


9.   Social Activities:  Dale Guzlas/Ed Sheldon

a.   Future Events

                                                                 i.    Shoot Out Pizza Party Sunday, 11/29/09 at 5 p.m. – sign up by 11/23/09 – Cost $5

                                                                ii.    Christmas Party – Tuesday, 12/8/09.  Sign up by 11/23/09.  cost is a real deal in light of current economic conditions


10.        Questions/Comments

a.   Discussion of Clay’s “Speed Up Play”

b.   Gold versus white handicap process

c.   Gold versus white closest to the pin –
should there be separate holes designated for each.

d.   Motion to adjourn - adjourn




Tradition Men’s Golf Club

Annual Members Meeting

Monday, November 17, 2008 at 9:30 AM

Tradition Pool House


         Purpose: To elect 2009 officers and to share information.


Meeting Overview

  • 2009 Officer Nominations & Election
  • Year in Review

Vince Franco

Weekly Games

Tom Swanson & Ron Mokrynka

Weekly Results


Peter Mohan


  • Great Turkey Shootout
  • Ringer Tournament

Steve Kronski

Treasurer Report

David Philips

Secretary Report

  • Communications & Membership

Jim Conway


  • Shootout Party
  • Christmas Party

Eddie Sheldon & John McLaughlin



Craig Monaghan & Harry Stewart


Allan MacDonald


Tom Strasser & Craig Monaghan





Tradition Men’s Golf Club

Members Meeting

Monday August 11th at 1:30 PM

Tradition Pool House

Please respect others - be on time


To share information and to vote on bylaws changes



Overview & Meeting Ground Rules – Vince Franco

Secretary’s Report Alan Gardner

·     Membership       

·     Communications

Treasurer’s Report – Ron Belbutowski & David Philips

Weekly Play – Tom Swanson & Ron Mokrynka

Results Peter Mohan

Tournaments – Steve Kronski

·     Member Guest

·     Club Championship

·     The Great Turkey Shootout 

·     Ringer Tournament

Social Activities –Ed Sheldon & Dale Guzlas

·        Pancake Breakfast

·        October 20th Cookout

·        Christmas Party

Rules – Allan MacDonald

Handicap – Craig Monaghan & Harry Stewart

Interclub –Tom Strasser & Craig Monaghan


Bylaws – Non-Resident Membership - Vince Franco


Comments & Questions



Tradition Men’s Golf Club

2007 Members Meeting

Monday, November 19th at 2:00 PM

Tradition Pool House

Please respect others - be on time


To elect 2008 Officers and to share information



Overview & Meeting Ground Rules – Vince Franco

Tradition Golf Course News – Clay Dubose

Some 2007 Highlights – Vince Franco

Election of 2008 Officers – George Baker

Secretary’s Report Bill Renault

·     Membership       

·     Communications

Treasurer’s Report – Vince Franco for Jim Conway

Weekly Play – Tom Swanson & Ron Mokrynka

Results Peter Mohan & Paul Kelly

Tournaments – Steve Kronski

·     2007 Tournament Winners

·     The Great Turkey Shootout 

·     Ringer Tournament

Social Activities – Dale Guzlas & Ed Sheldon

·        Christmas Party

·        Shootout Party

Rules – Allan MacDonald

Handicap – Craig Monaghan & Harry Stewart

Interclub –Tom Strasser & Craig Monaghan

Comments & Questions









The meeting was held at our pool clubhouse after golf at 2 PM.


Meeting was followed by free pizza, beer and soda.


(Note: 64 members attended versus 42 in 2006 when meeting was held in morning before golf and did not include pizza, etc.)


1) President Vince Franco began with an overview of meeting agenda and ground rules for conduct during meeting.


2)  General Manager and Golf Course Superintendent Clay DuBose outlined his plans for winter and spring.  These included removal of about 100 trees (180 in 2006), the planting of some large trees next to green on hole #8 to mask view of dead shrubbery and the improvement of drainage on hole #16.


Clay mentioned that rounds played to date (1/1/07 – 11/18/07) were 49,000 (2,900 less than in 2006).  He also noted that the course was 250 rounds ahead to date in November.


During a Q&A session, Clay fielded questions concerning the speed of play and the roping off of cart access on hole #9 between conservation area and green, plus on hole #16 in fairway to about 150 yard marker.  (No promises were made).


Again, in the interest of speeding up play the tee positions, particularly on hole #9 were questioned as well as the depth of the course’s rough.  Clay answered that once winter sets in; the rough should not be an issue but was necessary at its current length to insure proper depth and definition in the dormant months.


The inconsistency of our sand trap was questioned.  Clay agreed that for the Tradition Club to move up to the next level, the quality of sand must improve.  However, this is not on the owners’ immediate “to do” list and is probably 3 – 4 years away, if ever.


Finally, due to the very dry conditions, the quality of our water supply (salt content) is in question and is being carefully monitored and managed, particularly with the drainage problems on #6 and #16.


3)   After recognizing and thanking the officers of the TMGC Vince Franco highlighted the men’s club events in 2007.  These included two cookouts, three pizza parties, two pancake breakfasts ($625 contribution to Santa’s Sleigh Program) and a groundskeeper cookout.  Plus, our club had four holes-in-one.


Special recognition was given to John Sharp on his 90th birthday and to our friend Kevin Fenlon on his untimely passing last June.


Our Men’s Club won $15,000 in chits and our website averaged 287 hits per week.

Vince noted our club partnered with the Ladies 18 and 9 Hole organizations on key holiday tournaments.


4) George Baker submitted the list of board members for 2008.  These included:


Vince Franco, President

Ron Mokrynka, Vice President Games, #1

Tom Swanson, Vice President Games, #2

Steve Kronski, Vice President Tournaments

Alan Gardner, Secretary

Ron Belbutowski, Treasurer


With no additional nominations from the floor Secretary Bill Renault moved that the nominees be approved by acclimation.


5)  Bill Renault noted that this would be his last report.  He has been secretary for seven years and was treasurer for two years earlier.


Bill reviewed his responsibilities as secretary.  These include weekly reports to the media, taking the minutes of board and membership meetings and maintaining TMGC membership lists.


On the subject of membership Bill noted that our numbers have shrunk over the  past 3 – 4 years from 96 regular members and 1 – 15 associates to 92 with one non-resident associate and an aging membership.


Additionally, our TMGC rounds played year to date are off about 8%.  This means giving up tee times reserved for us and a potential loss of influence with the ownership.


Apparently, some of our members are choosing “cafeteria style” when they will play.  This will be looked at and analyzed by Tom Swanson, who will report back to the board.


Bill suggested we look to bringing in new members from the 9 Holers, new residents and existing residents who for whatever reason are choosing not to play the Tradition.


It should also be noted that our by-laws allow for non-residents to play 6 times  on Mondays as guests providing space is available.


6)  In the absence of Jim Conway, Vince Franco read the highlights of Jim’s treasurer’s report.  This included $10,638 cash in the bank, a fully funded Christmas party, cash for “normal” club activities, tournament prize money and cash for staff Christmas gifts.


The dues for 2008 will include $30 for membership renewal, plus $5 for anticipated hole-in-one prize money. 


A complete copy of Jim’s treasurer’s report is available on the TMGC website.


7)  Weekly results Chairman Peter Mohan pointed out the need for all score cards to be completed with gross and net scores and to be signed by team captain.


Peter also noted that players’ cards marked with maximum allowable (7X as example) are not eligible for low net prizes.


8) VP Games Tom Swanson reported on the decrease in TMGC rounds played YTD.  He will be analyzing where the decrease is coming from and reporting to the board.


VP Games Ron Mokrynka expressed his and board’s concern on the tee times we are giving back to the club and the possibility of our losing future tee times.


Ron and Tom are open to suggestions, special requests and will adjust teams for balance where necessary.


Ron pointed out the importance of TMGC being sensitive to Greenskeeper’s schedule and needs in planning our own tournament schedule.


Tom said that due to a conflict we will be flipping our Monday 12/17 game date to Tuesday 12/18 and that he has been able to get us eight more morning tee times.


9)  Steve Kronski, VP tournaments thanked his committee for their help in successfully conducting our special tournaments this year.  He said the “Turkey Shootout” was ready for Saturday’s party and Sunday’s competition.


The annual “Ringer” tournament will be our final tournament this year.


Steve concluded his remarks by saying that he plans to shorten the “Presidents’ Cup” (qualifying & play) to make it easier for our members to play the full schedule.


10) Our social chairmen, Dale Guzlas & Ed Sheldon reported that everything is set for our annual Christmas party at the Litchfield C.C. on Thursday, December 6th.


Cocktails will begin at 5:30 PM with a sit down dinner at 7 PM.   116 have signed up.


11) Ron Eaglin, chairman of our Sunday, December 9th Tradition Homeowners Par 3 Holiday Tournament & dinner, said that 96 have signed up to play.  In view of the large field and to accommodate a shotgun start, the tournament will now be a 12 hole event.


12)Our rules chairman, Allan MacDonald, explained and clarified our “tree root” rule:“In the event a player’s ball lies on or near a tree root that could cause him injury or damage to his club, he will be allowed to move his ball “just enough” to get relief.  And, he must notify his playing partners of his intent.”


13)  Handicap chairman Craig Monaghan said that the posting of Monday’s scores is going well and reminded everyone to also post “away” scores.


14) Interclub chairman Tom Strasser reported that there will be a six team interclub competition in 2008.  Tom also mentioned that Gold Tee players will be able to qualify from their regular gold tees.


15)   In a short Q&A session Bud Knittel questioned why we were not paying “weekly” chits for gross scores and expressed his objections to this policy and asked that it be changed.


Steve Kronski answered that realistically only about 7 – 8 players would qualify for low gross and this was the reason the TMGC board adopted the current policy of paying low gross in six major tournaments only.


After further discussion it was agreed that the board would look at additional ways to reward low gross and report back to the membership.


16)  Following a short update by Bill Renault on the proposed school cut thru on Willbrook Blvd., the meeting concluded at 3:25 PM.




Respectfully submitted by

Bill Renault, Secretary